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Light Flow Set (Liner and Regular)

These products work well, and are a great value! They are great for sensitive skin like mine. I have had no problems with them, and I recommend them highly.

Livlit panty liners

These panty liners are great for people like me with sensitive skin. I have been using them for several weeks now, and have no problems with irritation at all. Easy to open and put into place. A good value too. They hold up, with no shredding or tearing. Highly recommended!!

Great organic pads

These are very soft and comfortable. They pull moisture from the body and keep you dry. I didn’t have any issues with irritation from the pads or adhesive. I will be making these my go to from now on

Panty Liner (1 PACK/SET)
Amazon Customer

I cannot stress enough how much I needed these & didn’t even know it. They stick WELL, so no moving around or going between your butt cheeks, even after multiple potty breaks. They’re also reasonably sized. They fit my cotton underwear to perfection, and actually do their job because of that. I can get away with these and a tampon when Aunt flow comes to town with no doubt I won’t have spillage, so no need for a security pad anymore & these are so much comfier! Also the packaging isn’t super loud and is lightweight which is nice.


These are ok,not my favorite because of the absorbance but can still work.

Feminine panty liners

I like that these are cotton and absorbing

To small

It’s no too bad, but is not really stay on place.

Prefer another

The pad itself is smooth, all cotton, thin, and comfortable. I did not find the absorbency as good as another brand I tried. I think the issue is that I purchased a menstrual pad where I needed an incontinence one. Even so, it did not do an o early poor job with the amount of aabsorbency I needed.


Of late I have been having issues with my regular panty liner and decided to try cotton liner. This product is my first and I must say, it’s a life saver. I have used it for a week and have not had any reaction.

Panty Liner (1 PACK/SET)
Amazon Customer
It is a great product

Like everything about it

Best Pads

These pads are the BEST!Long enough to cover all leakage...The cotton is a big plus...You will nit be disappointed...

Super soft and comfortable!

Tried these pads for the first time and really like them a lot! They are very soft and much more comfortable than other pads. They absorb well and I love that they are 100% cotton. Definitely going to purchase more!

Super Long Pad (2 PACK/SET)
Voice Over Talent

The length is spot on! I can sleep soundly, at whatever angle I choose and feel secure.Adhesion is top notch! …Absorbency is A1, so it doesn’t feel like I’m walking around with a puddle engulfing my sacred space 😸

Too soft?

Sounds crazy, but these may be too soft. They do stay in place, except for bunching up in the middle. Makes me a little nervous so I carry extras and change them way more often than I have with other brands.

Great product for everyday use

I like these liners alot. They stay put and are thin. I picked them for being organic, without all the harmful chemicals of other pads.They are great for everyday freshness.

A Girls Best Friend!!!

These pads do an amazing dry at locking away moisture due to the cotton. Most sanitary pads available on the market today are made from plastics and they don’t allow the area to breath creating a disturbing breeding ground for the bad type of microbes. I’m also thankful the cotton in this pads are organic. The size is great and the larger fanned end is an ingenious idea. The designer of these pads is clearly a step ahead of the industry. Ladies, these pads are the new gold standard!

the 100% cotton is the real deal

These are the highest quality of the organic cotton liners. Many of the others have their irritating quirks....however these have gentle edges- not embossed...very soft pad....and the best part is they are NOT embedded with some super absorbency core that often causes irritation and even infections. You may change them a bit more often because they aren't embossed in plastic...but all in all...these are top of the line.

Super comfortable!

I luv the softness of the product but since its too thin, in some way it falls apart and doesn’t stick on it however it will be amazing for few hours to wear!

Tried a new product

Liked the softness of the material closest to skin. My problem was the size. It was too large for me to wear comfortably. Kept coming unstuck when using the bathroom which then bunched up.


best i have tried and priced well!

Great quality

I have susceptible skin, so I prefer to use a tampon instead. But this pad did not irritate my skin even until my period ended.

Regular Pad (2 PACK/SET)
Sungtaek OhSungtaek Oh
Nice pad

This is the best pads I've ever used! This pads are very thin but absorbs well. Sticks well and very comfortable like I sometimes forget I put my pads on. Most importantly, no leakage and irritation at all! I have extremely sensitive skin and this is the one I've always looking for. Glad that I found and made the switch to this pads. Highly recommend!!

Not what I had hoped

Not as absorbent as I had hoped.

Effective product

It worked better than expected, will purchase again

Work great!

Overall these pads have been amazing! They are comfortable and no irritation! I would recommend this product to everyone.

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