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Great product! Always recommending to family and friends.

Being extremely allergic to adhesives, even ‘all natural’ pads irritated my skin because the adhesive was not hypoallergenic. I suffered for months searching for an all natural feminine product. When I finally decided to search online, I was blessed immediately to find Livlit. I bought a sample package, discovered that the regular pad was exactly what I needed and I haven’t stopped buying them sense. It’s been nearly two years now of wearing a pad daily for slight bladder leakage and not a rash in sight. I’ve passed my wonderful discovery on to several friends who are pleased with them too. Excellent product, fair price and delivered to my door! Can’t ask for better than that. Thank you for making this essential product. I will be a customer for life.

I love knowing Livlit is organic! Makes me feel safe without all the chemicals

Great product, highly recommend.

Very poor quality. It fell apart.

Good quality.


I’ve tried many different brands of pads and these are by far the best. The coverage is great. Highly recommend these. You won’t be disappointed!

These pads work great!

These pads work great! I brought this starter set to try and I really like them. I can be very heavy at times and these are very absorbent. The super long ones are great for that. They cover everything. All the pads work great. They stay in place and are very comfortable. The wings stay put. They are slim which I wasn’t sure about at first but they absorb great and being thin they are easy to carry in my pocketbook if I need to. I searched for eco friendly organic cotton pads that work and based on other reviews I brought these and am very glad! My only suggestion would be eco friendly packaging as the bags the pads are in may be plastic and this particular set came in a clear plastic bag inside a box.

Decently absorbent

I was looking for something absorbent but also just 100% cotton because even the top brands had something in them because I would break out from them. These are really breathable and wicks away moisture. The only thing I'd change is they don't stick as well as other brands. The sticky part needs to go closer to the ends of the pad so they don't fold inwards. Other than that they are really good. No smell, great packaging. My flow is very heavy and lasts 7-10 days. I got one heavy flow and one long. I might get a 3rd for spotting at the end.

Purchased for a family member.

She enjoys that they do not have harsh chemicals and work better than products that are available.

No rash = happy customer!

My occasional adhesive allergy has become constant. I’m unable to use any OTC panty liners. Then I found Livlit and ta da…. no more rash. I got the ‘variety pack’ not knowing what to expect. The small ones in the pink are too small, so I’ll be ordering the green wrapped ones from now on. I plan to be a lifelong customer, now that I’ve found ya. Wonderful product. Thank you!

I like the worked good for me

Love these!

I love having an option to give my pre-teen pads without chemicals. They are thin and hold up really well. The large ones are great for heavy days or overnight. We both love them!

Glad to have a natural, less toxic panty liner, since I was having problems with my other brand. My only suggestion would be to also have a longer liner.

Light Flow Set (Liner and Regular)

These products work well, and are a great value! They are great for sensitive skin like mine. I have had no problems with them, and I recommend them highly.

Livlit panty liners

These panty liners are great for people like me with sensitive skin. I have been using them for several weeks now, and have no problems with irritation at all. Easy to open and put into place. A good value too. They hold up, with no shredding or tearing. Highly recommended!!

Great organic pads

These are very soft and comfortable. They pull moisture from the body and keep you dry. I didn’t have any issues with irritation from the pads or adhesive. I will be making these my go to from now on

Panty Liner (1 PACK/SET)
Amazon Customer

I cannot stress enough how much I needed these & didn’t even know it. They stick WELL, so no moving around or going between your butt cheeks, even after multiple potty breaks. They’re also reasonably sized. They fit my cotton underwear to perfection, and actually do their job because of that. I can get away with these and a tampon when Aunt flow comes to town with no doubt I won’t have spillage, so no need for a security pad anymore & these are so much comfier! Also the packaging isn’t super loud and is lightweight which is nice.


These are ok,not my favorite because of the absorbance but can still work.

Feminine panty liners

I like that these are cotton and absorbing

To small

It’s no too bad, but is not really stay on place.

Prefer another

The pad itself is smooth, all cotton, thin, and comfortable. I did not find the absorbency as good as another brand I tried. I think the issue is that I purchased a menstrual pad where I needed an incontinence one. Even so, it did not do an o early poor job with the amount of aabsorbency I needed.

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