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Super Long Pad (2 PACK/SET)

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organic cotton period pad liner overnight long zero chemical

The healthies organic cotton pad to actually fit your underwear. Specifically designed for no irritation, comfort, and next-level leak protection.

  • 2 PACK included, (1 PACK: 6 PCS)
  • 100% organic cotton on top sheet and core
  • Innovative shape for the most comfortable fit
  • Wings are made with cotton (No PP/PE)
  • 100% eco-friendly back sheet made of sugar cane

    Made With- 100% organic cotton (topsheet), 100% cotton (core and wings), 100% eco-friendly biomass film (backsheet)

    Made Without- SAP, Synthetic fibers, fragrance, dyes, superabsorbent polymers, deodorant, chlorine bleach.

    Top Sheet: 100% certified organic cotton from Texas (OCS and non-GMO)

    Wing & Absorbent Core: 100% Cotton without chemicals (No SAP)

    Backsheet: 100% eco-friendly bio mass film made of sugar cane

    what's so special?

    We use 100% grounded and compressed cotton for absorbent layer's extra cushion. It maximize your feeling more soft and fluffy, and improves the leakage protections. The side wings are also made of 100% pure cotton, so it will not cause any skin irritation and allegic reactions.


    Livlit only source 100% organic cotton from Texas, the best place to find cotton for all our sanitary napkins. With the quliaty raw ingredients, our innovative technologies helps to produce 100% cotton-made pads for your body.

    no leakages over night

    Our thin pads made with 100% organic cotton & pure cotton fits and sits comfortably when you move throughout the day as it holds well with the leakage protected design. No worries for absorbtions!

    What people are saying

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    William Gonzales
    Purchased for a family member.

    She enjoys that they do not have harsh chemicals and work better than products that are available.

    Susan Coss
    Best Pads

    These pads are the BEST!Long enough to cover all leakage...The cotton is a big plus...You will nit be disappointed...

    Voice Over Talent

    The length is spot on! I can sleep soundly, at whatever angle I choose and feel secure.Adhesion is top notch! …Absorbency is A1, so it doesn’t feel like I’m walking around with a puddle engulfing my sacred space 😸

    J. Woodruff
    Tried a new product

    Liked the softness of the material closest to skin. My problem was the size. It was too large for me to wear comfortably. Kept coming unstuck when using the bathroom which then bunched up.

    Not what I had hoped

    Not as absorbent as I had hoped.

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