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Hygiene Management

In order to make only clean and high-quality products, our factory conducts thorough sanitation management.

Eco-friendly Factory

We are ISO 14001 certified to certify our manufacturing processes to limit our environmental impact.

FDA Registered Manufacturer

We are a leading pad and liner manufacturer in the world, and our ISO 9001 certification is indicative of that.

We Have Standards to Maintain Premium-Quality Products

Through our consistent use of the best technology and our R&D Center’s double-checking quality control, our products are of exceptional quality. Our efforts have also enabled us to acquire an ISO 9001 certification, the international standard with specific requirements for quality management. Our certifications help build trust with you, our customers so that you know that our products are gynecologist-approved and built to international quality standards.

We Use Certified, 100% Clean Organic Cotton

Our reputation for manufacturing some of the best organic cotton sanitary napkins comes through our OCS Blended certified 100% organic cotton. What this means is that our products are verified by an international standard for containing 95 to 100% organic material. Thus, we made zero compromises when developing each product from start to finish.

Strict Hygiene Management

We want you to use only clean and premium-quality organic pads and liners, and the best way to achieve that is to incorporate strict hygiene management in our factory. Thus, we develop each product in the cleanest possible environment so that you feel its comfort and exceptional quality every time.

We Have a Government Certified R&D Center

Livlit’s R&D Center is certified by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT. Thus, this facility does more than test women’s hygiene products during production; we also provide you with the best product available in terms of comfort and functionality.

We Are a Government-Certified Drug & Drug-Related Product Manufacturer

Our factory is a government-certified drug and drug-related product manufacturer, which is a challenging certification to acquire when manufacturing women’s hygiene products. This certification, thus, indicates that our factory has a strict hygiene management system to produce comfortable, effective, and well-made organic pads and liners for anyone, anywhere.

vision camera

To prevent any foreign objects in the completed packages, we are doing vision camera scan for every manufactured products

metal detector

As a second process of scanning foreign objects, we use metal detector after the vision camera scanning.

One-Stop Manufacturing Process

Preventing any contaminations, we manufacture from raw materials to the completed packages

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