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founder's story

As a women, I know how women hygiene products are important for women health. Thus, I've tried to produce the healthiest & environmentally friendly sanitary products to provide the comfort periods to my girls. I focused on 100% organic cotton, naturally derived ingredients, and eco-friendly when I launch LIVLIT as it will be used by my friends, family, and daughters.

Karen Lee

Premium-Quality Raw Materials Yields Exceptional Products

We only source 100% organic cotton from Texas, the best place to find cotton for all our sanitary napkins. Our dedication to using only premium materials is to ensure that you have superior comfort whenever you have a sanitary napkin on.

Our R&D Center

LIVLIT’s R&D Center performs the final part of the manufacturing process, ensuring that we check the quality of absorption and adhesion of every new product before shipping it. Thus, our R&D center ensures that we only use natural ingredients as raw materials in a hygienic environment.We also conduct ongoing research and development to ensure you have the best organic pads and liners available anywhere.

* Certification: Control Union OCS Blended, Texas Organic Cotton USDA Transaction

Create High Absorption Top Sheets: Pure Water Punching

Comfort without function would make sanitary napkins useless. That is precisely why we use natural fibers like cotton because they offer exceptional absorption without being large and clunky. We also use a Spun-Lace process when manufacturing our liners and pads that prevents us from using any chemical adhesives. Thus, high water pressure tangles raw cotton naturally to an organic top sheet. The result? Comfortable top sheets with unparalleled absorption so that you can have the comfort and confidence you deserve.

Use 100% Eco-Friendly Biomass Film for the Back Sheet

The back sheets on our organic pads and liners are made of a reusable raw material derived from sugar cane. As a vegetable raw material, it decomposes into carbon dioxide quickly, resulting in low carbon emissions during combustion. Thus, you can make an active effort to protect the planet every time you wear a Livlit product.

Cotton absorbent

cotton absorbent does not coagulate the blood (SAP free, Zero Chemical)

Even wings are cotton

The side-gathers are pure cotton to give you a soft touch like underwear

Fresh Ventilation

Natural material, bio-mass film back sheet is well air circulation, relieving frustration when worn. Once more think about the environment

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