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How to Change Your Pads – Quick Instructions for Children and Teens

How to Change Your Pads – Quick Instructions for Children and Teens

When you start to get your period, it’s a big change in your life. You have to learn how to use sanitary napkins and learn how to keep track of your cycle. Well, let’s take it one step at a time. For now, I’ll only talk about how to change your pads. It’s actually a quick and easy process, and you’ll be done with the change in no time. So, read on, and I’ll instruct you along the way.


1.     Head to the Bathroom with a Fresh Pad

The bathroom will offer you the privacy you need and a place to wash your hands when you’re done. Change your pads every 3 to 4 hours—more frequently if you have a heavy flow.

Livlit Organic Sanitary Pads

2.     Wash Your Hands

Clean hands when handling your new pad will minimize the risk of infections.

3.     Remove Your Skirt/Pants and Underwear and Sit on the Toilet

Make sure that your clothes aren’t’ touching any part of the toilet. It’s normal for your menstrual fluid to leak while you’re seated over the toilet and changing your organic cotton pads.

4.     Remove Your Used Pad

You should hold a clean edge of your used pad to remove it off of your underwear. Grabbing the wings may make this process easier. Most premium-quality pads have wings.

5.     Discard the Used Pad

You can roll the pad like a sleeping bag with the soiled part inside and the sticky layer outside. Make sure not to roll tightly because you may squeeze out some absorbed blood from it. Once it’s rolled, roll a layer of toilet paper over it or put it in the new pad’s wrapper and place it in the trash. Don’t try to flush it because it will clog your plumbing. If you can’t reach your trashcan without getting off the toilet, keep it aside for now and trash it after you put on the new one.

6.     Put on Your New Pad

Remove the strip on the back sheet of the pad. Doing so exposes the sticky layer. Next, place your new pad in the middle of your underwear with the sticky side facing the fabric. Make sure that the pad is securely stuck to the underwear. Well-made organic cotton sanitary napkins will contain wings. You can take the paper on the wings and use the sticky layer to wrap the wings around your underwear’s fabric.

Learn how to change the Pads at Restroom

Pull your underwear up to ensure your pad is secure in the correct place. Some practice will help you get this right.

7.     Finish Up

The final things you need to do are to put your pants/skirt back up and wash your hands with soap and water.  

New Sanitary Pads on Underwear

Last Few Words

I hope this article on how to change your pads shows you how simple the process can be. Also, if you’re looking for premium-quality chemical-free organic cotton pads and liners to stay more comfortable and confident, then check out Livlit!

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