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6 Foods That Can Help You Feel Better During Your Period

6 Foods That Can Help You Feel Better During Your Period

Periods are almost always tough for just about every woman, and symptoms like nausea, bloating, fatigue, stomach cramps, and headaches can be a real pain for the first few days. Well, the good news is that I’m here to help. There are a few foods that can help you feel better during your period. The 6 foods I highlight in this article can help alleviate some of the symptoms mentioned above, allowing you to get through your day with minimal pain and discomfort. So, let’s get into them.

1. Fruit

As I mentioned below, staying hydrated is important. Well, that’s why you should eat fruits that have a lot of water content during this time. Watermelons are great for that. Bananas are also excellent period fruits because they are known for helping with cramps.


2. Ginger Tea

Some warm ginger tea is great for soothing muscle aches and nausea. Just don’t drink too much of it in a day, though, because it can be hard on the stomach and cause heartburn.

Ginger Tea

3.Green Leafy Vegetables

Those who have heavy flows during their periods may start to feel dizzy, fatigued, or have pains in their body. This is due to the loss of iron. In that case, green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are great for ensuring your body has the necessary nutrients to stay functional and as comfortable as possible. Also, you may want to consider getting long organic cotton pads for good absorption, helping you feel confident throughout your day.

Green Leaf Salad

 4. Dark Chocolate

If there’s any time to be kind to yourself, it’s during your period. So, eating a bit of dark chocolate is a great guilty pleasure, and it can help you with minimizing fatigue and tiredness. Dark chocolate contains iron and magnesium. The sugar content can also help keep your energy levels up.  

Dark Chocolate

5. Chicken

It’s perfectly normal to have cravings during your periods. Sometimes, they can become excessive, so eating enough chicken can help reduce that. Chicken is rich in proteins, which are essential nutrients for your body. It also helps you feel full, so you won’t want to eat other snacks after your meal.

Chicken Breast Cooked

6. Water

While this may not exactly be a food, it’s still vital that you keep yourself properly hydrated before and during your period (and every other time, too). Dehydration headaches are common during menstruation, and you can prevent those by drinking sufficient water frequently. Proper hydration also helps minimize bloating.

Drinking Water (Woman)

Last Few Words

Make sure to include these 6 foods that can help you feel better during your period. With the right diet, you can make your periods have less of an impact on your daily life

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