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6 Foods to Avoid During Your Period – Don’t Worsen the Symptoms

6 Foods to Avoid During Your Period – Don’t Worsen the Symptoms

Your diet can have a serious impact on the symptoms you may experience during your periods. Nausea, bloating, stomach cramps, headaches, body pain, and fatigue are common among most women. So, while some foods may help with those symptoms, others can worsen them. So, I’m going to talk about 6 foods to avoid during your period in this article. This way, you can prevent any additional pain and stay comfortable throughout the few days to a week of your cycle. So, let’s talk about them.


1.     Coffee

Coffee has high caffeine content, which can retain water in your body, leading to bloating. Too much caffeine may also lead to headaches. Now, I get that most of us can’t get through our day without coffee. In fact, you may even get headaches by withdrawing from caffeine altogether. So, what you can do, instead, is reduce the amount of coffee you drink in a day.

Avoid Coffee!

2.     Salty Foods

Try to keep the salt content in your meals relatively low during your periods. Salt helps retain water, which may lead to bloating. So, try to reduce the number of processed foods in your diet. 

No Salty Foods

3.     Spicy Foods

In addition to salty foods, try to stay clear of spicy foods. A lot of spice could upset your stomach, leading to stomach pain, diarrhea, or nausea. So, you may actually feel much worse in your abdomen area with these foods, especially if you don’t eat spicy foods regularly.

No Spicy Foods!

4.     Red Meat

Red meat contains high amounts of prostaglandins, which are compounds needed to remove your uterine lining to help with your flow. However, excessive amounts of these compounds can cause severe cramps or an increased flow, so stay clear of them. If you typically have a heavy flow, then large organic cotton pads are best.

Avoid Red Meat!

5.     Sugary Foods

Try to avoid candies and other foods with excessive processed sugar. Too much sugar may spike your energy levels and lead to a crash. So, you may feel more tired than usual, and your mood may worsen overall. You may also feel anxious or sad, especially if you tend to have issues with anxiety.

No Candies

6.     Alcohol

For the duration of your period, it’s best to stay clear of alcohol. Alcohol can dehydrate your body, even if you’re mixing your drinks with other liquids. Dehydration can lead to headaches. Also, alcohol may lead to bloating. In some cases, hangovers may also lead to other symptoms like nausea and fatigue.

Avoid Alcohol!

Last Few Words

It’s important to know which foods to avoid during your period because you can make it much harder for yourself to function at your best during this tough week. Also, staying hydrated and eating fruits and veggies are even better.

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